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From providing change and evaluation services to working alongside as full change partners, we have a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors.

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We understand that change can be a daunting prospect, and so it’s our aim to help organisations establish structure from within, and support them in setting achievable, positive goals which will make a meaningful difference to the way they work.

Birmingham City Council arts and culture strategy for 2023-2030, known as ‘Creatively Birmingham.’

February 2023

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Strategy Consultation for Birmingham City Council

February 2022

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Recent Insights

3 Signs Your Working Processes May Need Revising

3 Signs Your Working Processes May Need Revising

In local government, the need for efficient and effective processes are key. Whether you’re part of a small or large team, the way you work can make or break your success.

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Comms Engagement Change Chat Tile Jpeg

Change Chat - Communications and Engagement

Communications and engagement - central to all change. Change comes in many forms within organisations. Creating a new strategy? Welcoming new political or officer leadership? Reviewing a service? All change, in its broadest form, is most likely to succeed if those impacted by it feel involved, heard and informed. Do you have the capacity or capability to do that well?

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Doing Change Well Polarity Management

Doing Change Well - Polarity Management

Join me as we explore the intriguing concept of polarity management. Polarity management might be new to some of you, as it was to me until recently. Yet, it resonated deeply with my research findings, especially when studying how Council chief executives navigate change in a post-COVID world. So, what exactly is polarity management?

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