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How you communicate and engage with stakeholders is key to the success of any change. We have the expertise and tools to make sure you get it right.

Our team of experts are on hand to help you and make sure you get it right


Change is happening in organisations every day – sometimes obviously, as part of a structured programme, but at other times not labelled as ‘change’ at all.


People make change happen. How you engage and communicate with those impacted by your change is crucial – whether that’s with staff when considering or implementing a new operating model, or external stakeholders and residents needed to contribute to and understand a new strategy that sets a fresh direction (that’s also change!).


Done well, engagement and communications secure buy-in, advocacy and co-creation of change. In contrast, poor engagement gives capital to change saboteurs and failure to communicate fuels rumour and speculation.

Our Approach

We bring people in, balancing the needs of your stakeholders with the outcome you want to achieve; we use open dialogue techniques to seek common ground, identify areas of disagreement, worry or concern, and facilitate conversations and approaches designed to achieve resolution. We use creative and engaging communications to explain your vision, stimulate debate and achieve contribution. 

We bring the capacity, capability, expertise and energy to make sure communications and engagement plays the fullest part it can in setting your change up for success.

Communications and Engagement in Action

We understand that change can be a daunting prospect, and so it’s our aim to help organisations establish structure from within, and support them in setting achievable, positive goals which will make a meaningful difference to the way they work.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council arts and culture strategy for 2023-2030, known as ‘Creatively Birmingham.’

February 2023

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Birmingham City Council Logo 2

Strategy Consultation for Birmingham City Council

February 2022

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Communication Services

Georgia Turner joins Trueman Change as Associate Consultant

Great communications are crucial for successful change programmes, and yet it is a resource which is often scarce in public sector organisations.

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Comms And Engagement Importance Of Comms

Communications and Engagement - The Importance of Comms

Join me as we explore the vital role of communication and engagement in driving change. As a change professional deeply immersed in research over the past four years, I've delved into how organisations swiftly adapted during the pandemic. Communication emerged as a powerful force during that time, with significant changes still reverberating today.

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The Impact Of COVID 19

Communications and Change Programmes

Communication is always crucial during times of change, even more so during a crisis. In this video, our Managing Director, Lucy Trueman, shares three top tips to help you improve your communication during change programmes.

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Citizen Engagement and Closing the Digital Gap

Citizen Engagement and Closing the Digitally Excluded Gap

Lydia, our communications specialist, discusses the misconceptions around digitally excluded groups.

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