Communications and Engagement - The Importance of Comms

Join me as we explore the vital role of communication and engagement in driving change.

As a change professional deeply immersed in research over the past four years, I've delved into how organisations swiftly adapted during the pandemic. Communication emerged as a powerful force during that time, with significant changes still reverberating today.

Organisations, like yours, have witnessed a transformation in communication methods. The surge in video calls, recordings, and interactive platforms during the pandemic reshaped how we connect, fostering creativity and authenticity.

This shift matters in evolving environments because it cultivates a sense of purpose and fosters genuine connections. Authenticity reigns over formal corporate communications, facilitating human-to-human engagement crucial for navigating change.

Moreover, there's a growing inclination towards engagement rather than traditional one-way communications. Organisations, especially local authorities, are embracing two-way dialogue with staff and communities, moving beyond mere consultation to genuine collaboration.

This evolving landscape presents opportunities to co-create and evolve initiatives, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among stakeholders.

At Trueman Change, we're equipped to support you in harnessing the power of communication and engagement to drive your change programme forward. 

By Lucy Trueman | 16th April 2024

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