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Our team of experts are on hand to help you transform your housing services.

Housing is a complex area and highly political. With increased demand and recent legislative change, it's one that needs real expertise to navigate change! 

We are specialists in supporting housing services to prepare for inspection by: 

  • Working with teams to bridge the gaps within the available resources 
  • Supporting the executive and political leadership ahead of an inspection
  • Reviewing Housing Service models to provide Directors with much needed capacity
  • Revising Strategies and Policies in line with the document request list

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Our Approach

Discover how we support local authorities and Housing Associations

Discover how we support local authorities and Housing Associations in preparing for inspections and achieving compliance with regulatory standards. Our team specialises in helping you identify and address gaps in your services, fostering necessary cultural shifts to focus more on residents. Watch to learn about our hands-on approach, including detailed mapping, strategic planning, and tailored support to enhance the efficiency and impact of your housing services.

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Are your Housing Services keeping you up at night?

Housing Services are, once again, under even further strains and some are at breaking point. With the introduction of the Social Housing (Regulations) Act 2023, the Consumer Standards, Awaab's Law and recent caselaw in homelessness and allocations , it is no wonder that colleagues are losing sleep.

Recent Insights

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We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our offer into Housing Services

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our offer into housing services, and welcome Justin Hunt, our new Housing Specialist Associate Consultant!

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Housing Regulations Video Tile

Housing Services - Regulations and Innovation

One of the toughest challenges in local government is cultivating a culture that's both innovative and compliant. Sounds like a bit of a paradox, right? We're working tirelessly with councils, prepping them for potential inspections from housing regulators, and it’s clear that the tension between regulatory compliance and innovative service delivery feels more like a clash than a dance. So, how do we marry these seemingly opposing forces? How do we ensure our staff not only comply with regulations but thrive, aligning their work with their values?

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Housing Services Inspection Ready Blog

Navigating Inspection Readiness: Elevating Housing Services

As the regulatory inspection looms, we've been actively engaging with social landlords to discuss their readiness.

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