Navigating Inspection Readiness: Elevating Housing Services

As the regulatory inspection looms, we've been actively engaging with social landlords to discuss their readiness. Different organisations adopt varied approaches, heavily influenced by the bandwidth of their leadership teams. For those grappling with significant operational challenges, finding time to prepare for a phone call from the Regulator can be particularly daunting.

Leading organisations view inspection preparation not just as a necessity but as an opportunity to invest in their services. By aligning with consumer standards, they proactively refresh action plans and review policies, positioning themselves for success.

Upon receiving a call from the Regulator, services have a mere two weeks to submit required documentation and six weeks to prepare for the inspection. This tight timeline means that while some preparations can be accelerated post-call, the bulk of the work must be completed beforehand.

At Trueman Change, we liken inspection preparation to creating a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Like a BCP, the process involves thorough preparation and ongoing reviews, although, unlike a BCP, the need for an inspection is a certainty within the next four years. The preparation needs to be meticulous covering all aspects of the service.

From our experience, preparing for an inspection requires about six months of intensive effort, depending on the current state of your service versus the expected standards. Once over this initial hurdle, the intensity decreases as the service moves into maintenance mode—regularly updating and refreshing as new actions are implemented. During this critical six-month phase, many organisations benefit from external support, although they may manage with existing resources thereafter. When the regulatory call comes, it’s all hands on deck, whether the support is internal or external.

How We Can Help

Our expertise in housing service delivery, coupled with advanced programme management skills and a proven track record in culture and change management, provides a comprehensive support package. This support can elevate your service by an entire inspection grade and drive substantial improvements that residents will notice and appreciate.

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By Trueman Change | 15th April 2024

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