Change Accelerator Programme

This fast-paced and challenging programme includes a review and change management setup. The outcome is a new, tailor-made approach to change specific for the client.

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"Our people first methodology drives change faster and compassionately for cost-effective, sustainable outcomes".

What's Involved:


Ideal for leaders who understand the importance of people-first approaches and the power of good cultures and unified purpose to make change happen.


We are the delivery partner that coaches organisations to get better at doing change themselves.


Firstly, we carry out a review of any existing change management set up. Then we share our methodology so that our clients can manage change successfully themselves.

  • An intense 12-24 week change accelerator programme.
  • Built specifically for public and third sector leaders.
  • Supports public sector leaders to build an approach to change.
  • Pick and mix components to build the change your organisation needs.
  • Designed to support, manage and coach leaders through a change programme.
  • Leads change by implementing a people-first approach.

Our Process:

Bespoke & Flexible

We will work in collaboration with leaders and staff to implement our flexible Seven-Step Process, and tailor it to organisational needs.

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Are you Change Ready?

Individual Modules

Don’t need the full programme? Pick and choose as you need:

Culture Mapping

£7000 - £15,000

What: Assess current culture to identify barriers to change, and produce a detailed report with findings and recommendations. How: We run a series of workshops based on our culture mapping model.
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Review of Change Activity


What: Audit all current change activity to help bring order to chaos. Full report with recommended structure for change provided. How: Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders. Review of current project documents.
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Change Diagnostic

£4,000 – £10,000

What: Review current capability and capacity around change, to understand what is going well and where improvement is needed. How: Surveys and (optional) workshops.
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Case For Change


What: Work with you to develop your case for change, providing clarity and purpose, which will inform your change management approach. How: Workshops with senior leadership team.
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Communications Review


What: Ensure that the clarity and purpose on the change that is happening is understood by all stakeholders. How: Build key messages that are tailored and communicated continuously throughout the process.
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Programme Set Up


What: Build your change activity into a comprehensive, clear programme, with milestones, risks and resource plans. How: Work with key project stakeholders.
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How long is the programme?

We build your programme around you, your current change capacity, and your approach to change. For some change-mature organisations, this can be done in 12-24 weeks, for others we recommend a 12-month plan. We work with you to determine what's best for you.

How much does it cost?

Is the programme suitable for my organisation?

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Do you design and deliver bespoke programmes?

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