Welcome Justin Hunt to Trueman Change

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our offer into housing services, and welcome Justin Hunt, our new Housing Specialist Associate Consultant!

Justin’s career, spanning over three decades, has been dedicated to the advancement of social housing services across local government and housing associations. His profound experience at a senior level has made him a connoisseur in revitalising underperforming housing services. His approach is meticulous, involving strategic political and regulator engagement to ensure these services align seamlessly with the consumer standards. This skill set not only underscores his expertise but highlights his commitment to excellence in service compliance and improvement.

His tenure at the coalface of service delivery has equipped Justin with an unparalleled understanding of the challenges and pressures that frontline teams face. This experience makes him exceptionally qualified to guide these teams, ranging from on-the-ground staff to Director-level leadership. He adeptly assists them in navigating the complex landscape of resident, Councillor, and regulator expectations, all the while optimising the available resources to meet these demands effectively.

In January 2024, Justin embarked on a new chapter with Trueman Change, motivated by the prospect of leveraging his extensive operational housing knowledge within a new framework. At Trueman Change, he recognised an opportunity to marry his deep-seated expertise with the organisation’s prowess in driving culture change, mastering programme management, and refining communications strategies. This fusion of skills and expertise is proving to be immensely advantageous for clients, especially as they prepare for and navigate the intricacies of impending regulatory inspections. Through this partnership, Justin continues to make a substantial impact, underscoring the pivotal role of strategic insight and leadership in fostering service excellence in the social housing sector.

Housing is a complex area and highly political.  With increased demand and recent legislative change, it’s one that needs real expertise to navigate change! 

We are specialists in supporting housing services to prepare for inspection by: 

  • Working with teams to bridge the gaps within the available resources. 
  •  Supporting the executive and political leadership ahead of an inspection
  • Reviewing Housing Service models to provided Directors with much needed capacity
  • Revising Strategies and Policies in line with the document request list


Book a confidential callwith us if you wish to understand more about how we can help you with your Housing Services. 

By Trueman Change | 1st April 2024

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