Why do we love working with Local Government?

By Sarah

At Trueman Change, we’re all about guiding and supporting your organisation to deliver effective and sustainable change. We specialise in working with public and third sector clients, and as a team of change specialists, we’re absolutely dedicated to creating change in public services!


Why do we thrive off working with the public sector?

Where does our drive come from to create meaningful change in public services?

We’ve thought about it and there are so many reasons… we can talk about It all day long!

But at the heart of it, we see three top drivers that motivate us (and you, we think!) to deliver the work we all do:


1) The challenge of working in a complex environment:

There’s a whole plethora of diverse operations that come together under the local authority umbrella.  The public sector delivers all kinds of public services to people in communities, supporting people in diverse areas of life. It’s a huge system of varied services - from neighbourhoods to environment, from waste to transport, from employment support to childcare, from births to deaths to celebrations… 

Add into that the vast network of partners that collaborate with local government to co-deliver services, from health to energy, from volunteer sector to emergency services… It’s a huge intellectual, operational and creative challenge to bring clarity and purpose to delivering meaningful action in this composite landscape. The scale of the challenge may be exactly what draws many of us to work in the sector, and what keeps us working so hard to deliver real results.


2) The sense of building and ‘place-shaping’:

Local authorities and public services are intrinsically connected to the places they serve, and so, when we are working on delivering services and change in our local authorities, we are actually shaping the places where the services happen.   This gives us great job satisfaction, and is the reason it feels so great when we consistently deliver focused outcomes for our clients!

Between the work our clients do, and the work we do to guide, support and shape client activity, we are shaping the community landscape, making a stamp on localities, and building resources in the places where we, and our friends and families, live. At the height of our efforts in the public sector, we really are all building the future for our rural areas, towns and cities! This, of course, gives a sense of satisfaction. But it also gives a sense of humanity and belonging, and a sense of creating a shared purpose that is grounded in our local spaces.


3) The motivation to make a difference:

You have shared with us that what draws many public sector professionals to their work is the altruistic desire to improve people’s daily lives by taking action to improve the services around them, making a difference to quality of life and, in turn, future prospects for our societies. We know that, in many cases, it’s not for financial reward that we come to the public sector! Instead, it’s the non-financial reward of doing something for others that draws us in, linked to a sense of contribution and (in many ways) duty that brings lots of us to the public sector. When things get difficult, and it’s hard to deliver on public sector ambitions, and it’s this perseverance to make a difference that pulls us towards our goals.


Do you feel you’re able to make the most of your resources, to make the difference that is needed?

Do you need help to persevere and get the job done?

At Trueman Change we’re motivated in our jobs every day to deliver on these achievements, working through complexity to make a difference to the lives of people in the places where we all live.   We believe this is of paramount importance, as it drives us to do our best to create change where it matters to impact your communities for the better!

We’ve developed our new change methodology, the Trueman Change Way, with the guiding principles of clarity, purpose, humanity, collaboration, action and perseverance at the heart. This is because, at the very base of our drive to deliver change in public services, we find the core motivation of knowing that the changes we make in local government become the changes we make in society.


What could be more motivating than that?

Why not try our change readiness test and see how change ready your organisation is? This could help you identify what you need to be focusing on first to make the difference your organisation needs.

To find out more about the work we do to make effective, sustainable change in local government and the public sector, and to see more about our change methodology, head to our 'What We Do' section.

Use our tool to help you sense check how ready for change your organisation is.  Download your free Change Readiness Report and then book a call to understand which approach to change is best for you.

By Sarah T | 20th April 2022

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