The importance of creating a sense of purpose in change programmes

There is no denying that the pandemic proved to us the importance of having a clear sense of purpose underpin all change activity. We saw incredible things happen at a pace thought unthinkable prior to the pandemic and why? Because everyone knew what they were working for. The purpose behind what they were being asked to do was so clear and so unifying, keeping people safe.

The public sector is a sector that innately has a sense of purpose in serving their communities and wanting to make a difference to people’s lives. So, why not allow that to flourish beyond the context of a crisis like the pandemic as well. Without such a high stakes situation it is easy to lose the sense of urgency that everyone felt at the height of the crisis, but that strong sense of shared purpose can be your impetus for action. Not only that but staff buy-in is likely to be much higher if you give them a reason they can relate to and understand.

We know that all change is difficult, whether it be unforeseen change such as the pandemic or a planned change programme. Change is often stressful, and demoralising and it is easy to feel like it is not worth all the negativity that comes along with it. However, by building and maintaining a strong sense of purpose throughout you provide your staff and yourself with a reason that will make all the challenges that come with change worth it.

Purpose however, is nothing but a dream without clarity. The two go hand in hand and work together to initiate the success of your change programmes.


By Charlotte Whittle | 12th July 2023

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