The Human Side of Change

Accelerating transformation through the lessons learnt from COVID-19

We have made change happen using the best of us!

We did it together and we did it successfully. How did we do it?

By being human. 


In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw organisations that were typically quite slow at change make it happen literally overnight. The public sector had to pivot and respond extremely quickly to unprecedented deviations to protect the vulnerable and they did it by using innovative approaches through cross-department and partnership collaboration: practices not seen in decades.   The common purpose for change was to keep people safe; and outcomes were achieved.  This priority was communicated clearly allowing organisational and community focus to shift quickly, making it easier to drive change.  With proportionate governance and a clear sense of purpose supported with absolute clarity, action for change succeeded faster, with impact, and more cost effectively. 


Local government workforces, who had trained for years to work effectively in the public sector, were finally able to achieve positive outcomes and it won’t surprise you to learn that for the first time in a long time they were enjoying their jobs!  We have carried out continuous research since the beginning of the pandemic and we have learnt that despite adversity, change during the pandemic was able to happen fast and achieve positive outcomes. 

By Trueman Change | 28th July 2023

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