It's never been easier to access our services

We're so excited to, once again, have secured a place on the Crown Commercial Services' Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 framework.


What do you need?
  • Change Management 
  • Programme Set Up
  • Coproduction/Design
  • Programme Health Check 
  • A Case for Change 
  • Culture Mapping 
  • Review of Change Activity 
  • Change Diagnostic 
  • Extra Project Management Resource


What does this mean for you?

It means you can find us on the list of suppliers to support you through your digital project.  Because we’re specialists in change and transformation, and we’re at the top of our game at motivating people and securing stakeholder buy-in, we’re able to make change happen, quickly, cost effectively and compassionately. 

As part of our people-focused methodology, The Trueman Change Way, our fast-paced Change Accelerator Programme includes a review and change management set up.  We’ve created it to give you a tailor-made change approach specific to your organisation’s needs because we know the importance in being agile and helping you deliver what you set out to do.  

We have so many amazing tools to deliver as part of this programme but we can also offer as stand-alone services.  This is why we encourage you to get in touch, as our solutions really are designed around you.  We like to make friends and every conversation we have is a valuable to us, so get in touch!

We understand that with digital transformation being high on public sector organisations’ agendas, and that you need to work with companies that are super experienced at taking people through change.  That’s us.  Get in touch today and we’ll give you a taste of how we work.  Let us assist you through your digital transformation journey.

Trueman Change has secured a position on the following lot:

  • Digital Outcomes 

Get in touch for a conversation on how you can commission us through this framework, we'd love to hear from you.