Change Chat - Doing Change Well

Interested in learning about how to do change well in a post covid world?

Is your organisation currently going through change and you’re finding it’s stuck? Or are you working on your PMO/change delivery function and need some inspiration?

So much change happened at pace during the pandemic, now the dust is settling and organisations are reflecting on what change is next for them.

Join us at our next change chat to reflect on what it means to do change well. Following our Founder and Managing Directors recent research into organisational change in the public sector post covid, we'll be discussing:

  • Change Leadership Styles: Directive vs Co-produced
  • The balance between pace of change and governance
  • Approaches to change: planned vs evolved
  • Change skill and capability of service managers

Here's what you can expect…

A 60-minute focused virtual conversation, held over Zoom

A collaborative approach to knowledge sharing

An opportunity to hear the experiences of individuals from a variety of sectors, including local government, non-profits and the private sector

This session is ideal for CEOs, Heads/Directors of change and transformation, and all those involved in change work. Join us to reflect on how to do change well in your organisation.

By Trueman Change | 2nd April 2024

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