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Communications and engagement - central to all change

Change comes in many forms within organisations. Creating a new strategy? Welcoming new political or officer leadership? Reviewing a service? All change, in its broadest form, is most likely to succeed if those impacted by it feel involved, heard and informed. Do you have the capacity or capability to do that well?

At Trueman Change we help set your change up for success. We add distinct value to your communications and engagement capacity by bringing you the expertise and creativity to identify and hear those who matter, gain advocates for your change and successfully achieve the outcomes you need.

Join our expert panel:

Lucy Trueman, founder of Trueman Change and expert in doing change well
Georgia Turner, our communications specialist

We'll reflect on:

  • Differing change scenarios and the role of communications and engagement
  • Our experiences of applying communications and engagement to facilitate change in various organisations
  • How to cut through the 'noise' and reach those audiences you need to engage with most

This session is ideal for heads of service and directors who are looking for a critical friend to support on a communications review, or a senior Service Lead needing additional comms and engagement capacity and capability to support your change. Our MD Lucy Trueman as well as an experienced and expert panel will be sharing great tips and case studies from their work in a range of local authorities, to help you think about what changes you want to make in your service areas.

By Trueman Change | 3rd May 2024

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