Organisational Development Encompassing a Service Review with a View to Future Transformation

April 2022

Logo Vector Clackmannanshire Council

We delivered:

  • Comprehensive research and data analysis
  • A series of targeted stakeholder interviews
  • Culture mapping
  • Benchmarking capacity with all other Scottish authorities
  • Tailored recommendations and implementation guidance

Background and Challenges

Clackmannanshire Council, like many other organisations, was faced with the challenge of embarking on a large-scale transformation agenda in the aftermath of the pandemic. They recognised the need to assess their position in terms of demand, skills, and capacity, and sought the expertise of Trueman Change to provide a temperature check and understand the shift in culture and mentality.

The main challenge for Clackmannanshire was to understand their post-pandemic position while remaining agile in managing their transformation across all services. In addition to this, they faced bottlenecks, recruitment issues, staff retention challenges, and communication problems.

Local authorities have traditionally operated in silos, which can lead to a lack of information sharing and common goals. The pandemic forced them to work horizontally, and Clackmannanshire were keen to see how this horizontal model of working could be applied to their transformation model to produce better outcomes.

Trueman Change Involvement

Trueman Change worked with Clackmannanshire's team to understand their skills and capacity, identify areas where capacity was a genuine issue versus a cultural or systems issue, and work towards their transformation agenda to get to the root of issues in workplace culture.

To provide a holistic picture of demand, capacity, and skills, we conducted data analysis desktop data analysis, benchmarking against other Scottish authorities of a similar ilk, culture mapping, and stakeholder interviews.

The project was not focused on cost savings, but rather about culture and future transformation.


Outcomes and Solutions

The project delivered a comprehensive set of recommendations and a report that were taken forward immediately.

The data was sense-checked and gave Clackmannanshire Council a starting point to take data forward.  Overall, the project allowed Clackmannanshire  to work better and together as one, no matter what the service, and gave clarity on how to move forward.


By Trueman Change | 30th April 2022

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