Working with the Neighbourhood team in Tamworth to review their community warden service and its impact on low level ASB to prevent escalation.

August 2023

Tamworth Council

We delivered:

  • Clarity to the council and its staff to define key roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication across the borough
  • Change workshops to get to the bottom of their change

Background and Challenges

In this case study, we delve into the transformation of a community warden service, co-produced through collaboration between various stakeholders, to address the pressing issue of low-level anti-social behaviour (ASB) and prevent its escalation within the community. This initiative aimed to bring about a positive change by not only tackling the symptoms but also addressing the root causes of ASB, fostering clarity of roles both internally and externally, and promoting proactive engagement with the local community.

Prior to the transformation, the community warden service encountered several challenges that hindered its effectiveness. A lack of clarity surrounding the roles and responsibilities of team members often led to confusion, resulting in a reactive rather than proactive approach towards ASB. Additionally, the service struggled with being under-resourced, which compromised its ability to respond adequately to emerging issues. The inefficiencies in the existing ICT system further compounded the difficulties, hindering data management and communication between different teams.

To address these challenges and create a more effective community warden service, we embarked on a collaborative journey to redefine roles, allocate necessary resources, optimise the ICT infrastructure, and foster better communication and teamwork. We examined the strategies and outcomes of this transformational effort, shedding light on the positive impacts it had on the community's well-being and safety.


Trueman Change Involvement

Our primary objective was to bring about a positive transformation by focusing on key areas to enhance the effectiveness of the community warden service and its impact on the borough.

To achieve our goals, we prioritised gaining clarity in roles and responsibilities within the organisation. This involved conducting thorough reviews of the existing processes and workflows, ensuring that every team member understood their role in addressing ASB and contributing to the overall improvement of the community.

One crucial aspect of our involvement was building strengthened partnerships with key stakeholders, particularly with Staffordshire police community officers. By fostering closer collaboration and communication between these important entities, we aimed to create a more cohesive and coordinated approach to tackling ASB, which proved to be essential in achieving successful outcomes.


Outcomes and Solutions

To ensure the effectiveness of the revamped service, we emphasised the importance of improved warden visibility across the borough. By increasing the coverage and presence of community wardens, we aimed to create a stronger sense of security and safety within the community, deterring potential ASB incidents and fostering a positive atmosphere.

Together we have achieved successful outcomes and innovative solutions, driving a positive transformation in the community warden service's approach to combating Corporate Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). Our comprehensive report, enriched with valuable insights and data analysis, presented a detailed roadmap of the proposed solutions and key recommendations. Supported by compelling slide decks, the report and delivery of the change workshop effectively conveyed the vision of a safer and more harmonious community, gathering widespread support from stakeholders and key decision-makers.

Our report gained approval from cabinet, affirming its significance and signifying a critical milestone in effecting real change. With the newfound clarity in roles and responsibilities, strengthened partnerships, and improved warden visibility, the community warden service is now better equipped to tackle ASB proactively and foster an environment that prioritises safety, cohesion, and quality of life for all residents.


Added Value 

Additionally, to support the organisational change, we conducted a Change Workshop that brought together relevant team members and stakeholders. This workshop provided a platform for open discussions, idea sharing, and alignment of visions, facilitating a smoother transition towards the new and improved community warden service. Furthermore, our approach aligned perfectly with Tamworth’s Corporate Plan, which places significant emphasis on environmental improvement and the creation of quality neighbourhoods which will continue beyond our work.

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The transformation of our former Warden service into a new Neighbourhood Impact Service; responding to all the Councils corporate ASB represents a significant opportunity to improve and shape our place-based approach to improving resilience across our communities. A step change in how we offer services to our citizens. Trueman worked collaboratively, constructively adding capacity, insight and helping us navigate major change management challenges. In our view supporting us as a business partner and leading experts there to check, challenge and ultimately secure our success in its launch and delivery. Thank you Trueman Change

Tina Mustafa

Assistant Director Neighbourhoods

By Trueman Change | 7th August 2023

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