Haringey London Borough Council - Workforce Development Programme

October 2015

We delivered:

  • A programme structure, governance and reporting mechanisms
  • The establishment of a delivery-focused culture
  • Detailed project and communication plans

Background and Challenges

The council was undergoing unprecedented financial saving initiatives. They had developed a workforce plan alongside the corporate plan and set out how the organisation would ensure it had the right people, in the right place, with the right skills. This needed to be in place to continue delivering quality services whilst making significant financial savings. This plan outlined the need to cut staffing by 600 FTE across the organisation and considered how best to do this.


Trueman Change Involvement

Trueman Change developed a programme structure to support the design and implementation of the workforce plan:

  • Engaging in a Council wide transformation
  • Carrying out Workforce Change and Transformation
  • HR change programme
  • A programme of Culture Change
  • Robust and structured Project Management and delivery

Outcomes and Solutions

  • Developed a programme structure, governance, and reporting mechanisms to give assurance around delivery of 22 HR projects including organisation-wide restructures, review of pay and grading, culture change and policy reviews of learning and development.
  • Established a delivery-focused culture and introduced planning and benefits management alongside HR experts.
  • Created detailed project and communication plans. Carried out stakeholder analysis and introduced a benefits profile into a programme previously without measurable savings targets.
  • Appointed and trained an internal staff member to support the council in succession planning.



By Trueman Change | 20th October 2015

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