Working with the Fylde Planning Team to review their planning processes to reduce bottlenecks and improve the customer experience.

February 2024

Fylde Council

We delivered:

  • Comprehensive research and data analysis.
  • Full team process mapping workshops.
  • Benchmarking capacity.
  • Tailored recommendation and implementation guidance.

Background and Challenges

In this case study, we delve into a process review of the planning team within Fylde Borough Council. This process review aimed to assess the planning process and highlight any bottlenecks, delays, or duplication.

Additionally, a review of customer feedback took place to highlight repeat concerns to overall improve the customer's experience.

To address these challenges and create a more effective process for customers, we embarked on a collaborative journey with the planning team and went through the process step by step.


Trueman Change Involvement

Our primary objective was to bring about a positive service review by focusing on the current process and highlighting how this can be improved for the customers.

To achieve these goals, we focused on understanding the roles and responsibilities of the planning team as well as understanding the legislation and statutory requirements of the planning service. This involved undertaking a desktop review of all key documentation and guidance.

One crucial aspect of our involvement was building strengthened partnerships with key stakeholders, particularly with members of the planning teams. We undertook two workshops with the team and asked for their feedback regarding improvements along each process step.  


Outcomes and Solutions

To ensure the effectiveness of the revamped process, we completed a new process map highlighting our recommendations on how to prevent bottlenecks and delays.

Additionally, we reviewed the complaint information and highlighted concerns that we had identified including a review of the complaint process. We provided the council with visual aids presenting the data containing the number and type of complaints that the Council was receiving.


Added Value 

During our sessions, we made several cultural observations and shared these with senior management. We made recommendations including the need for culture mapping sessions and establishing a training plan for members of staff.

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“Through a collaborative journey with Trueman Change for change management support, the team has not only helped us embrace the challenge of transforming planning processes but has successfully navigated the intricate landscape of change. This has helped us identify where to dismantle bottlenecks, ushering in an era of efficiency and excellence. Using our commitment to excellence, the team’s support will help us to elevate the customer experience to new heights. We have valued turning challenges into opportunities, crafting a narrative of innovation and improvement that echoes throughout our new service delivery.”

Alex Scrivens

Corporate Performance & Engagement Manager

By Trueman Change | 6th February 2024

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